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  • Pride Forever Stories: To celebrate 50 years of Pride, we’ve launched Pride Forever, celebrating the past, present and future of the LGBTQ+ community. Throughout the month we’ll be sharing Googler stories from around the world, starting today with Jean in Singapore: “For over a decade, I struggled to accept that I could possibly be trans. Then in 2012, Argentina passed its gender identity law–the first in the world to allow gender self-determination. While far removed from my home in Indonesia, it meant that people like me might finally have a chance at transitioning and living without harmful legal and medical gatekeeping. It gave me the courage to accept myself and start standing up for my right to be.” Visit pride.google or tap the link in our bio for more. #Stonewall50
  • Take a bite of this #MySuperG cookie baked by @kebablilly. 🍪
  • Kids don’t come with an instruction manual. So it’s only natural for dads (and all parents) to have questions. Check out all the sincere, funny and heartwarming answers they’re searching for at g.co/parenting101–or tap the link in our bio. #FathersDay
  • Palm tree party, captured by #teampixel photographer @_deepthi_gowda. 🌴
  • After surviving a complicated pregnancy, Nigerian native Temie Giwa-Tubosun decided to dedicate her life to improving blood access. In Temie’s home city of Lagos, mothers suffering from postpartum hemorrhage often die due to blood deliveries not arriving in time. So, she founded Lifebank–an app that uses the Google Maps Platform to connect blood banks with doctors, drivers, and patients who need blood quickly. Her app has drastically cut delivery time across Nigeria’s most congested city, helping to save over 4,000 lives. Just one donation can save up to three lives. For more on Temie’s story and to find a blood drive near you this #WorldBloodDonorDay, tap the link in our bio.
  • Meet Rebecca Hui, founder of @RootsStudio, a platform dedicated to helping tribal artists like The Miao Women of Southern China preserve their unique culture. Using Google Drive, Rebecca helps these artists upload their work to RootsStudio.co, where their patterns are available for licensing. This helps The Miao Women retain ownership over their art–which positively impacts their village economy. Learn more about Roots Studio and The Miao Women in our #SearchOn story today.
  • Sup, Scout? Meet a new (9 months new, in fact!) #Doogler at our San Francisco office. Aside from being adorable, Scout loves stealing soccer balls and wearing bandanas.
  • Take a snack break with this pistachio #MySuperG by @solanki_kd.
  • Go under the sea with new 360-degree underwater #StreetView imagery. Thanks to Underwater Earth, you can experience the beautiful, yet fragile marine life around the world—and find out how you can help protect the ocean on #WorldOceansDay. Dive in at the link in our bio.
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