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  • Pick up steam on this bike ride with #teampixel photographer @mrs_mandyann. See more shots at @googlepixel.
  • With only a tent, a bicycle, and Google Translate, Dnyaneshwar Yewatkar is now over halfway through his four-year journey to meet, and learn from, a world of people. Now somewhere in Central America, Dnyan is looking forward to the road ahead–and the friends he will make. Follow Dnyan as he completes the second half of his trek at @peacewheel2020, and for more about his adventure so far, visit g.co/pedalingforpeace or tap the link in our bio.
  • Swiss archeologist and explorer @ginocaspari is on a mission to preserve Scythian treasures dating back 2,500 years. With melting permafrost and looting putting these ancient artifacts at risk, Gino is using #GoogleEarth and TensorFlow–our open-source machine learning platform–to find them. See how in our story today. #SearchOn
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@worldwidewallace ⁣
  • Say 👋 to Sandor the NYC-based #Doogler! Aside from rocking great outfits, he is also a big fan of napping–requiring about 23.5 hours of rest each day.
  • First the sun shines bright–and then we get #nightsight. A look at our Brighter in the Dark installation with Childish Gambino at Coachella, captured by #teampixel photographer @chrisfarro. 🌴
  • @macro.girl crushed it with this cereals-ly creative #MySuperG.
  • Friday already? This week, learners from across New York came to the Grow with Google NYC Learning Center to discover and develop skills for the digital economy. To stay in the loop on upcoming events and opportunities, visit g.co/GrowNYC–and if you’re able to stop by, share your experience using #GrowWithGoogle #NYC. 🍎
  • With only a tent, a bicycle, and Google Translate, Dnyaneshwar Yewatkar is on a four-year journey to meet, and learn from, a world of people. His time in the United States was full of adventure–including a visit to the UN and many friends to call on. There was Jeff, an Indiana native he had previously met in Myanmar. Another was Thomas, a complete stranger who came to Dnyan’s rescue in Ohio after a nasty bike wreck. Meet Thomas in today’s story, and for more of Dnyan and his journey, visit g.co/pedalingforpeace.
  • Our #NYC office is home to over 7,000 employees, speaking 50 languages and working on everything from Search to Ads to Maps and more–and they’re here to help. Stop by our #GrowWithGoogle NYC Learning Center for a one-on-one coaching session with a Googler, and learn more at g.co/GrowNYC.
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